What is the DeakinACTIVE MOVES program?

Deakin Moves is a part of the Deakin University Healthy Campus project. We want to help people find ways of increasing their activity levels and connect with other students as a part of their Deakin experience.

The DeakinMOVEs App

The DeakinMOVES app is designed to help you track your daily activity as well as provide some encouragement and support. By collecting moves you can not only stay aware of how much activity you are doing, you can enter challenges with your friends, larger groups, or even just to set yourself a personal target!

You can download the app from the links below.

What do you get out of it?

The recent MindSpace survey* showed that students are increasingly dealing with physical and mental health challenges. Being more active in your day to day life, and connecting with others is a great start in finding your personal way of coping with stress, the challenges of study and setting you up for your future life and career.


Some of the Positive Outcomes:

Increased physical health

Decreased stress levels

Increased graduation rates

Greater connection to other students and to student life

Improved grades

Partnerships and Support

DeakinMOVES is a collaboration that shows serious dedication to improving the health and wellness of our community beyond the walls of the bricks and mortar gym.

Without the support, guidance and dedication of our project partners, DeakinMOVES would not be possible.

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