COVID-19 Update Information

The health and wellbeing of Deakin students and our DeakinACTIVE members remains our highest priority. We are following all government and health guidelines, and listening carefully to any questions and concerns we receive from our staff, members and Deakin University as we move through this new COVID normal. If you are a student of Deakin University, you can find further information on the Deakin University website COVID-19 FAQ.


Important Information

As part of the roadmap to living with COVID and to follow all VIC Government and public health advice, from November 3rd, 2021* only fully vaccinated staff, students and visitors (or those with an ATAGI-approved reason for an exception) will be able to enter any DeakinACTIVE facilities. Please make sure you have received both doses by this date and have received your vaccination certificate.

*On your first visit to DeakinACTIVE from the 3rd November, our staff need to sight your current vaccination certificate and will make a note of your immunisation status on your membership file for future reference. Members will not be able to attend DeakinACTIVE without double vaccination.

Not sure how to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status? See here for more info. For further information about the road map back to campus, please refer to Deakin University’s plans to re-open. Any queries, please  don’t hesitate to email us directly.


Health & Safety

All safety and hygiene protocols will be enforced at DeakinACTIVE to keep everyone safe during their workouts.  As restrictions further ease, from Thursday 18th November 11:59pm:

  • Masks are no longer required to be worn in the gym unless social distancing is not possible
  • A mask must be on your person at all times
  • You can wear a mask if you still wish to
  • You are encouraged to wear your mask if you are spotting someone, if the gym becomes very busy and/or you are unable to socially distance during a certain exercise
  • QR code scanning is still to be completed on arrival
  • Please be mindful of those around you within the facilities
  • Please wipe down your equipment after each use and use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • You must be fully vaccinated to enter DeakinACTIVE facilities.
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