What is a Health Consultation?

A health consultation is a 60 minute catch up with one of our qualified Personal Trainers. Together we will discuss your fitness goals, set up a body scan to gauge your current fitness level and develop a plan and introductory training program to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

We recommend you book into a health consultation when you first start at DeakinACTIVE and again when you’ve hit a plateau and are ready to step it up a notch with your training.


Book in your FREE consult at reception with one of our friendly reception staff!

See what you can expect from your initial health consult in the video below:

Initial Consultation (week one)

An appointment with one of our DeakinACTIVE Health Club team to get you started on your fitness journey. Includes a pre-exercise questionnaire, exercise history, goals discussion, and body scan. From there we tailor a program specific to your objectives.

Initial Program Introduction (week 1-2)

An Initial Program Introduction is dedicated to physically taking you through each exercise on your tailored plan. We want our members to feel comfortable and confident in the gym, as well maximising the benefits of each workout through sound technique.


Exercise Program Check-in (week 3-4)

A check-in with one of our Health Club staff to see how you are enjoying your gym membership and the program that has been designed for you. A great opportunity to go over anything within your program that you are unsure of and provide any feedback from your experience to date.


Follow-up Health Consultation (week six, and every six weeks ongoing)

A review of your progress to date, including a body scan. This is an opportunity to evaluate your goals, as well as discuss the next steps on your health and wellness journey. Changes will typically be made to your existing exercise program.


Program Progression (week six, and every six weeks ongoing)

Our bodies are clever at adapting to a certain style of training over time. By continually evolving your program, you can expect ongoing improvements to both your physical and mental well-being. Your Program Progression is a physical introduction to all changes within your tailored exercise program.

How to Book?

Book in your FREE consult at reception with one of our friendly reception staff!

They’ll help find you a date and time that works best for you.