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We’re located on the ground floor of the new LC building on the north side of the walk bridge. Enter via Level 1 via the main entry near the walk bridge, or enter via the ground floor entry off Uganda Street.

DeakinACTIVE is in the DA building on Pidgeons Road. Drive straight through the main roundabout and we’re the first building on your right past the small carpark.

The closest carpark at Burwood is the carpark off the main Elgar Rd entry. Alternatively you can park near the HE building and walk across the walk bridge. At Waurn Ponds carpark 4 is the small carpark next to the DA building, alternatively you can park across the running track in carparks 1 or 8 and walk across the grounds.

DeakinACTIVE Burwood has 850 sqm floorspace and a dedicated large group fitness area fitted with a glass skywall. Sporting world famous Technogym equipment, we have a wide variety of cardio, strength and functional training equipment, as well as range of cable and free range weights. You can also access the indoor basketball courts for free play.

DeakinACTIVE Waurn Ponds has a number of different rooms to workout in, also sporting Technogym equipment, cardio, strength and functional training equipment and cable and free weights. There is a multi purpose room upstairs for group fitness classes, a squash court and indoor basketball courts for free play. Additionally there is the running track, ovals and outdoor fitness area directly outside DeakinACTIVE Waurn Ponds.

Appropriate clothing is essential as you are going to work up a sweat! We recommend gym tights, leggings or shorts and either a t-shirt or singlet top and comfortable and well fitting runners.

Bring your own towel and drink bottle. Please arrive 5 minutes early to your first group fitness class. This is so you’ll have time to familiarise yourself with the facility, meet your Trainer and have a quick run down on the equipment you will use during class. If you’re late to your first class you might not be able to train. No mobile phones during classes (please be respectful to others).

If a class is cancelled due sickness of a trainer or circumstances beyond our control we will contact you via phone/text/email and endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.

All of our classes include a warm up and a cool down. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your class then you may not be able to join, and your Trainer may turn you away from the class as it disrupts the class and you could injure yourself if you haven’t warmed up correctly.

How often you train will depend on your lifestyle and your fitness goals, your fitness level, how your body adapts to training and also how quickly it recovers. We recommend starting with two to three classes per week and increasing from there.

A MOVE is a unit of movement measurement used by the app to track physical activity, so the more you move the more MOVES you’ll collect! MOVES will also vary based on gender and body composition, but as a rough guide, running for 10 minutes at low intensity accumulates about 200 MOVEs. Average 10,000 steps throughout the day will accrue approx. 1000 MOVEs. It’s all based on how much you move! The faster and longer you run, cycle, row, or whatever your favourite exercise is – the more MOVEs you’ll earn.

The DeakinMOVES challenges are fun goals to try and achieve, either on your own or with a group of friends, to help motivate you toward reaching your fitness goals. DeakinACTIVE set up challenges every month for you to participate in, but if you and some friends would like to have a special one set up just for you, let one of the DeakinACTIVE team know and we will see what we can do to help!

You can use any phone that can access either the Apple App store or Google Play.

DeakinMOVES will interact with your Fitbit and ensure than any activity you track through Fitbit is applied to your DeakinMOVES profile. This will help the DeakinACTIVE staff tailor program changes and will also make sure that all your activity will contribute to any MOVES challenges you are taking part in. It will also include any MOVEs for your workouts in the gym and tally these towards daily goals and challenges.

Awareness makes a massive difference! Tracking your results means you have real data when trying to achieve your goals! Studies have also shown that the act of tracking our exercise makes us more conscious of our activity, accountable and motivated to get more done!

The DeakinMOVES app not only tracks your activity and holds your workout program, it also interacts with the Technogym equipment in the gym! This help give you the most personalised workout experience possible!

The app has been built for use on a mobile phone but you can download the app onto your iPad. It just may not be optimised at all times for iPad viewing.

The data on the DeakinMOVES app is part of the Mywellness® platform belongs to you (the member who uses the service). Therefore, as per the terms and conditions of the DeakinMOVES app, you must give consent to Mywellness® to share your data with DeakinACTIVE. If you “the member”, at any point want to stop sharing your data with the venue, you can choose to stop and ‘opt out’ at any time via the app or by visiting the Mywellness® website.

Mywellness® data is hosted by Amazon Web Services in Ireland which is safe and adheres to all Australian and EU laws and regulations. It also complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection and is privacy compliant.

Your data will be used within DeakinACTIVE and for recording your activity, MOVEs, and workouts of the day. When the venues re-open your data will allow DeakinACTIVE health and fitness staff to communicate with you, allow you to see your gym appointment results, body scan measurements and allow staff to create personalised exercise programs and workouts.

Once you download your app under your profile there is a ‘Settings’ section. Please click on the right “>” and this will take you to various options. On the bottom of the page there is a FAQ section, click on this and this will take you to various FAQ’s including:

  • Training
  • Profile
  • Connection to other apps and accessories
  • Activities in your facility
  • Connectivity
  • Other

If you still have any questions about the DeakinMOVES app, how to use it or how to get it linked to your other fitness gear, make sure you ask on of our amazing DeakinACTIVE staff and they can help walk you through anything you need.

Your application needs to be accepted before you can use the apps full functions. This can take up to 24 hours. If you are still have issues, trying re-logging.

Wearables (Fitbit, Garmin etc.)

  1. Make sure your watch is on, Bluetooth is active
  2. On the main page, click on “connect apps and devices”
    1. Find your wearable within the list
    2. Click connect and follow the prompts to login. Make sure you click always allow on location so the data will sync even when the app is closed. To check this:
      i. Go to: Settings -> Find you wearable device app -> Make sure Bluetooth is on, and Location is set to always. Do the same for STRAVA if you use this app.

If you are using an apple watch:

  1. Make sure your watch is on, Bluetooth is active
  2. Go to Settings – > Health – > Data Access and Devices -> Click on Deakin Moves and make sure all categories are on, do the same for any other connected apps

If you do not have a wearable, please make sure your phone is on you when you are exercising. If not, you will need to manually add the activity later via My Movement (folder icon at bottom) – > Add Results.

Please make sure this is switched on at all times.

From your iPhone home screen:
Settings -> Deakin Moves

Location = Always
Bluetooth = On
Mobile Data = On

Also, click on the ‘Health’ App and follow the below steps:

  1. Data Access and Devices
  2. Deakin Moves
  3. Make sure all categories are on

From your home screen:

Settings -> Deakin Moves
Location = Always
Bluetooth = On
Mobile Data = On

Also, download the ‘Google Fit’ App
Once you have downloaded both the Google Fit and Deakin Moves apps, click on the Deakin Moves app:

  1. Click the bottom right icon, which is your profile
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Connect apps and devices
  4. Click on Google Fit.

Once completed, go back to your Android home page

  1. Go to settings
  2. Applications
  3. Application Manager
  4. Deakin Moves
  5. Permissions -> make sure location is ticked on

Go back to Application Manager and click on ‘Fit’

  1. Permissions – > make sure location is ticked

Using Phone to track distance
If you are using your phone to track distance:

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth is ON
  2. Make sure to track your outdoor run/walk by doing the following:
    1. On the home page of Deakin Moves, scroll down and click on “Outdoor activity
    2. Click on Walking, Cycling or Running
    3. Click Start Activity
    4. Once finished, click the pause button, and then the stop button
    5. Make sure you take your phone with you on the walk/run and that Bluetooth is active to track your workout, if you do not own wearable.

If you still have any questions about the DeakinMOVES app, how to use it or how to get it linked to your other fitness gear, make sure you ask on of our amazing DeakinACTIVE staff and they can help walk you through anything you need.

We offer three different membership tiers – Strive and Thrive . Memberships are weekly costs and are directed debited on a fortnightly basis. There are also slightly different rates for Deakin students/staff vs. general community/public.


Click here for all membership types:

Membership Types

There is a 7-day cooling off period for all membership types. If a membership is cancelled during the cooling off period, all monies collected will be refunded.

Term memberships (where memberships are valid for a set period of time) cannot be cancelled, transferred or refunded.

Memberships with no set term have a 28 day cancellation period unless cancelled for medical reasons and where a medical certificate is supplied. A DeakinACTIVE cancellation form must be completed. Memberships will be cancelled 28 days from the cancellation request. During the 28 day notice period, all membership fees are payable and access as per the membership type is valid. Cancellation cannot commence during a period of suspension.

3 days’ notice is required prior to beginning of the suspension period. All memberships are entitled to 12-week membership suspension (per calendar year). Any additional suspensions beyond this will incur $10 fee per suspension period.

A Medical Certificate is required to be supplied for all medical suspensions. Medical suspensions are to be used for valid medical reasons only. DeakinACTIVE reserves the right to reject any medical suspensions if deemed necessary.

Deakin University Staff suspensions
Staff payroll suspensions are done in two week blocks corresponding with the fortnightly pay.

Use the DeakinMOVES app to book your group fitness classes. If you don’t already have the app please download here.

To book your class:

  1. On the home page, open the ‘Group Fitness Bookings.’
  2. Find a day/time you would like to train
  3. Select the class you would like to attend and click the Book button

If you can’t make your booking, please cancel so someone else can take your place, with more than more than 1 hours notification.

Yes we do at both sites.

Yes! We have membership options for both Deakin students/staff and for the local community/public. The Deakin students/staff receive a slight discount.

We also offer casual rates:
Gym Casual = $10 per session
30min Group Fitness Class = $10
45min Group Fitness Class = $15
Yoga and Pilates Group Fitness Class = $20

You sure can! We always recommend a workout buddy. Studies show that you will turn up for classes and reach you fitness goals faster if you have a workout buddy to keep you accountable to your workouts. Please speak to reception about a ‘Bring a Friend for Free’ pass so your friend can try out one gym session, or Group Fitness Class for free with you.

You sure can! You can access a 5 day free trial to come try a workout and attend a group fitness class and see if this is something you would like to continue with.

Yes we do. We can offer 1:1 personal training sessions as well as small group training sessions for you and your friends. We work with you directly during your workout session/s to tailor your workout specifically to improve your results, hit your goals and help you achieve success.

Never done PT with us before? 1:1 fee for 30min is $41 – or we have an introductory rate of 3 x 30min sessions for $99!

For private group sessions please speak to reception or email your facility directly.

It will depend on your injury and your road to recovery. You may need to get a medical certificate from your GP/Physio before you can attend, or start with a private session to assess if classes will be appropriate in the future. It’s best to speak to one of our Trainers beforehand to double check and make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk of further damage.

Our facility is open to everyone! Under 16 years is under parental supervision. 16-18 years is with parental consent.