The launch of DeakinPLAY

  • Want to try a new sport but don’t know where to start or what to do?
  • Looking for some casual/free play time to shoot hoops with friends?
  • Keen to join a social sporting competition to a have a run around, keep fit and meet some new people?

Welcome to DeakinPLAY!

DeakinACTIVE are pleased to present DeakinPLAY – a social, fun and safe way to play organised sports and activities, supported by DUSA, Deakin Residential and Deakin Sport & Recreation.

DeakinPLAY covers a range of activities and social sports competition at Deakin University – including come & try activities, casual play opportunities or more structured but still social & fun sports competitions where you play actual games!

For more information or to register a team or yourself in our social sporting comps, see DeakinPLAY or drop us an email us DeakinPLAY@deakinactive.com.au