Introducing the BRAND-NEW DeakinACTIVE Waterfront Wellness Centre

Dedicated to Healthy Students, Staff and Community Alike! 

Waterfront Wellness Centre Yoga & Pilates
Waterfront Wellness Centre Personal Training
Waterfront Wellness Centre Personal Training

Brand new location in the Geelong CBD! 

13-15 Brougham Street, Geelong (under the new Multi-deck carpark)

2 weeks FREE trial

Come and try us out!

Waterfront Wellness Centre 2-weeks free trial
Take a membership with DeakinACTIVE Waterfront Wellness Centre

And get to enjoy… 

  • Group fitness classes in a purpose-built, BRAND NEW Wellness Centre that is supportive of your goals 
  • Access to HIIT, Boxing, Bar Pump and Circuit classes so you can really feel the burn (and serotonin) 
  • Yoga and Pilates with expert, dedicated instructors who will have you feeling your most Zen 
  • Personal training options that will provide personalised plans that work for YOU and YOUR goals 
  • And so much more! 
Waterfront Wellness Centre Yoga Class

With over 48 classes per week you will be spoilt for choice!

– 24 Group Fitness classes per week

– 24 Yoga & Pilates classes per week

Check out our timetable* below:

(*subject to change)

Why was the Wellness Centre Built and What Can You Expect? 

At DeakinACTIVE, we know it’s not always easy to live healthy and keep fit.  

And not every fitness facility works for everyone. Not every person wants to lift a ton of weights, and not every person wants to work out alone.  

With close to 1,842 members across all our DeakinACTIVE sites, we’ve helped thousands of staff, students, and community live their healthiest lives.  

And we’d love for you to be next! 

But don’t just take our word for it!  

Let our customers help you make this easy decision. 

DeakinACTIVE Waterfront Wellness Centre

I’m enjoying my experience with DeakinACTIVE so much! It not only helps me stay physically fit but also uplifts my mood daily. The staff and coaches are incredibly friendly, creating an environment where I never feel alone or uncomfortable. Their unwavering support consistently motivates me to give my best effort. Thanks DeakinACTIVE.

Super friendly staff, equipment feels premium, very spacious. I highly recommend getting a membership if you are a Deakin Student!

I’ve found the staff and trainers to be extraordinarily generous with their time and advice, especially when they’re working with those beginning a gym journey.
~ Aiden 

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DeakinACTIVE Waterfront staff and trainers

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Follow the simple prompts by creating an account, fill in your details and select your preferred membership
Workout in our BRAND-NEW Wellness Centre where you can live up to your fitness potential!

Tip: best done with friends and family so encourage them to sign up as well!


How to Know if the Wellness Centre is Right for You.

At DeakinACTIVE, we know you are the kind of person who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Your mental health and wellbeing is important in your busy lifestyle. 

Working out isn’t just a hobby or something you do to fill your time. It’s a part of what makes you, you! And you want to make the most of it so you can truly live up to your potential.  

In order to fulfil this, you need the right tools at your disposal. The problem is that it can be hard to find a place that has just what you need. It’s an overwhelming process finding the right wellness centre that works for you.  

We believe it doesn’t have to be this way.  

We know there can be a place that can give you just what you need to be your best self. A healthier, happier version of you that you can be proud of! 

That’s why we built the Waterfront Wellness Centre. So that Deakin students and staff, and the local community can have a place to workout together, get fit and healthy, and enjoy better lives.  

So, don’t wait any longer. Sign up today and look forward to your next chapter! 



Available to everyone!

Ongoing what’s the Cost? 

Deakin Student or Staff:

Deakin All-Access – unlimited all classes ($50.00/Fortnight) – BEST VALUE 

Deakin Yoga & Pilates – unlimited Yoga & Pilates classes ($42.00/Fortnight) 

Deakin Group Fitness – unlimited Group Fitness classes ($34.00/Fortnight) 


A part of our local community (non-Deakin):

Community All-Access – unlimited all classes ($60.00/Fortnight) – BEST VALUE 

Community Yoga & Pilates – unlimited Yoga & Pilates classes ($50.00/Fortnight) 

Community Group Fitness – unlimited Group Fitness classes ($40.00/Fortnight) 



Waterfront Campus Map