1. DeakinACTIVE requires notification of ALL First Aid Incidents and other general incident (e.g. vandalism, break-ins). DeakinACTIVE templates for reporting are available if required. These should be forwarded to DeakinACTIVE within 24 hours after the injury/incidents occurs.
  2. Food and drink (other than water) are not permitted on any of the playing surfaces.
  3. Smoking is NOT permitted on University Campuses.
  4. Alcohol must NOT be consumed at the venue or its environs. Intoxicated persons will not be granted admission.
  5. The use of cameras for photography or videoing is NOT permitted without written permission from DeakinACTIVE.
  6. The use of mobile phones and cameras are NOT permitted in change rooms.
  7. The facility encourages access to all individuals. Any individual or group who, through their behaviour limits the enjoyment or other users, will be asked to leave the facility.
  8. Users are asked to ensure that they assist in maintaining a clean facility.
  9. Animals (with the exception of assistance dogs) may not enter the venue.
  10. Users shall follow all reasonable instructions given by management of the DeakinACTIVE sporting facilities in the interests of Risk Management and the enjoyment of others at the facility.
  11. Users will be liable for the cost of repairs for any damage caused to the facility as a direct result of their activities, or activities undertaken by their participants.
  12. User are asked to wear closed-toed shoes while in the gym.
  13. Users are asked to put equipment back when finished with it.
  14. Appropriate gym attire must be worn at all times.
  15. Sanitise equipment once finished use.