6 Benefits of Joining a Gym With a Friend

For many of us, the idea of joining a new gym and working out for the first time can be quite daunting. The good news is that we all feel the same way when starting out.

There are a few approaches to help overcome this anxiousness, but the best option is to start your fitness journey with someone else!

Here are SIX benefits of joining a gym with a friend or partner.


You Will Feel More Comfortable

Working out in front of a group of strangers at the gym can be intimidating. Having someone with you that you feel safe around will help make you feel more at ease and will lead to a more enjoyable session.

Joining with a friend is a great way to get used to the gym before you feel comfortable working out alone.


It’s More Fun

Some people thrive when working out alone, but for the majority of us, exercise can lose its appeal very quickly when done in solitary.

Working out with a friend is a great way to catch up, have a laugh, and encourage each other while simultaneously working out.

You also have the option to perform different exercises that individuals cannot, such as boxing or spotting each other lifting weights!


You Will Be More Committed

Nobody wants to let a friend or partner down and the gym is no different. If you’ve organised a set time to meet for a workout, you’re far more likely to show up than if you go solo.

Having a fitness buddy makes you more accountable and is a great motivator to provide you with a boost when you’re lacking the inspiration to get out of the house and get to the gym. The power of guilt!


It’s Safer

Now we aren’t talking about having a workout partner that can protect you from other people, we promise we are friendly at DeakinACTIVE!

What we are referring to is having someone there to ‘spot’ you when you’re lifting weights. Some exercises involve tricky positioning (particularly ones that require you to lie flat on a bench), so it is always good practice to have someone with you to help you safely disengage and return your weights back down. Who better to spot you than a friend or partner?


You Will Work Harder

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. In fact, it can be quite motivating when exercising and working out. Having someone there to compare yourself to may give you that extra nudge to push out a few more reps!

When you’re at the gym alone, no one is there to hold you accountable if you’re slacking off or cutting a certain exercise short.

Plus you will be able to encourage each other to keep pushing further – which will achieve more than if you would have by yourself.


It’s More Affordable

Not only can you save money on carpooling, parking, or even supplements; but joining a gym with a friend can also help you save money on membership fees.

That is certainly the case at DeakinACTIVE with our brand new Friendship Membership pack (where you can learn all about here).

With no lock in contracts or joining fees, plus unlimited gym and group fitness access; sign up with a friend and save together!