What is the DeakinMOVES app?

DeakinMOVES is part of the Deakin University Healthy Campus project. We want to help you to find ways of increasing your activity levels and connect with other students as a part of your Deakin experience.

The DeakinMOVES app tracks MOVEment and physical activity throughout the day and also tracks indoor and outdoor workouts. Connect to your smart wearable, attend Live Stream group fitness classes and access a wide variety of On-Demand classes from our virtual library.

Want to learn more? Watch a quick intro on the app below:

The DeakinMOVES app is a wholistic health and wellness program that is connected to our workouts inside and outside of DeakinACTIVE and is FREE to download!

Via the app you can access:

  • New workouts posted weekly to complete in your own time
  • Online health check-ups to track your own training program with a personal trainer
  • Health and wellbeing blogs
  • Sport tips and tutorials
  • Fitness challenges (compete against your friends and win prizes!)
  • Recipes
  • Book your group fitness classes
  • Rate your class experience
  • Interact with the amazing Technogym equipment inside the gym to track your workouts in real time
  • Stay in touch with the DeakinACTIVE training staff and more!

Our aim is to keep everyone fit and active and to enjoy better outcomes in daily work and life. The DeakinMOVES app gives you the DeakinACTIVE experience no matter where you are!


Download the app today