Let's MOVE for a Better World Fitness Challenge

Let's MOVE for a Better World Fitness Challenge


What is the Let’s MOVE for a Better World Fitness Challenge?

From the 14th March- 31st March Technogym is running an international campaign to fight the health impacts associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyles – and we want you to get involved. Let’s MOVE for a Better World is the biggest social campaign of the fitness and wellness industry and the last time this campaign ran (pre-COVID) there was 32 countries involved and nearly 200K people involved!

As part of Let’s MOVE for a Better World we challenge you to MOVE more throughout this March fitness challenge and to track your movement and physical activity through the DeakinMOVES app. It’s a team effort as all MOVEs generated are collected and totalled together and our goal is generate 1,000,000 MOVEs! If we reach 1,000,000 MOVEs then Techogym will donate sporting equipment to a school and/or community group of our choice.

MOVEs can be collected during workouts on the cardio and strength equipment in the gym, SkillX classes (at Burwood), set walking and running fitness classes, and from outdoor activities like walking and running when you track your outdoor workout via the DeakinMOVES app. Any exercise also tracked via any smaert wearables (like FitBit, Garmin, and Strava etc. will also be included so long as you’ve connected this to your DeakinMOVES app).

Whether you’re looking for some motivation to move some more, challenge a friend (or two) to see who can collect the most MOVEs, hit up your favourite DeakinACTIVE trainer for some healthy competition, or just want to exercise for a worthy cause, we encourage you all to join this challenge.

By taking part in the “Let’s Move For a Better World” campaign, you can fight against physical inactivity and all the consequent health diseases contributing to building a better and a healthier world.

Sneaky bonus – the first 20 members to register for the challenge will receive a FREE Technogym T-Shirt!


Be part of this global movement and help us all to create a happier and healthier world – it’s time to get MOVEing!

You can join the challenge in three easy steps:

  1. Login to the your DeakinMOVES app – or download via the links below
  2. Join the Let’s MOVE for a Batter World challenge via the home screen in the app
  3. Start MOVEing to collect MOVEs!



*This challenge allows a maximum of 2,000 MOVEs a day per participant