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Get ready to cheer on Team Deakin at the 2020 Tokyo Games!

Join DeakinACTIVE as we celebrate our amazing Deakin Elite Athlete Students and Alumni. Let’s get MOVEing and have some fun across some pretty exciting activities we have planned during the Olympics period.

Online Group Fitness classes

Join our online Zoom classes to remain physically active during lockdown – your body will thank you for it! Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes to challenge the body with movement and mindfulness. Zoom links to be posted on social channels daily.

DeakinACTIVE group fitness classes DeakinACTIVE Online Yoga DeakinACTIVE Online Meditation DeakinACTIVE Online Pilates



Fun Olympic Sporting Challenges
Are you a budding athlete in disguise? Look out for our sporting challenges for you to participate in throughout the Olympics. Think basketball trick shots, 100m sprints, soccerball juggles + more! We’ll try and cover off on as many different sporting challenges as we can! Tag DeakinACTIVE for your chance to win some cool prizes!

Tokyo Olympics Sporting Challenges Tokyo Olympics Handstand Challenge


DeakinMOVES Challenges:

Yes they are back! MOVEing each and every day keeps us physically active and happy in mind and spirit. We’ll have x 2 specific MOVES challenges to compete in during the Olympics from 23/07-08/08. Get your friends on board and see how far you can compete against each other!

1. OlympicMOVES Challenge – the Most MOVES for the duration of the Olympics wins a prize
2. Olympics Cycle Challenge – Most kms cycled for the duration of the Olympics wins a prize
DeakinMOVES cycle challenge DeakinMOVES challenge

So what are you waiting for? Join our challenges via the DeakinMOVES app today and start counting your MOVES. Haven’t download the app yet? You can download it here!