I already have the MyWellness App, do I still need to download the DeakinMOVEs app?

Yes! The DeakinMOVES app will be where we can load your program, let you interact with our equipment and it will give you access to the fun weekly DeakinACTIVE Challenges!

What is a MOVE?

MOVEs are the DeakinMOVES unit of movement measurement, so the more you move the more you’ll collect. For example, running for 10 minutes at low intensity accumulates about 200 MOVEs, the faster and longer you run, cycle, row, or whatever your favourite exercise is, the more MOVEs you’ll earn.

What is a Challenge?

The DeakinMOVES challenges are fun goals to try and achieve, either on your own or in a group, to help motivate you toward reaching your fitness goals. DeakinACTIVE set up challenges every week for you to participate in, but if you and some friends would like to have a special one set up just for you, let one of the DeakinACTIVE team know and we will see what we can do to help!

What phone do I need?

You can use any phone that can access either the Apple App store or Google Play.

I already use a Fitbit, why do I need this app?

DeakinMOVES will interact with your Fitbit and ensure than any activity you track through Fitbit is applied to your DeakinMOVES profile. This will help the DeakinACTIVE staff tailor program changes and will also make sure that all your activity will contribute to any MOVES challenges you are taking part in.

Does tracking my activity actually make any difference?

Awareness makes a massive difference! Tracking your results means you have real data when trying to achieve your goals! Studies have also shown that the act of tracking our exercise makes us more conscience of our activity and more motivated to get more done!

Can DeakinMOVES help my workout experience?

The DeakinMOVES app not only tracks your activity and holds your work out program, it also interacts with the Technogym equipment! This help give you the most personalised workout experience possible!

Still have a question?

If you still have any questions about the DeakinMOVES app, how to use it or how to get it linked to your other fitness gear, make sure you ask on of our amazing DeakinACTIVE staff and they can help walk you through anything you need.