Deakin MOVES – Getting Set Up

Getting Set Up

What is the Deakin MOVES app?

The Deakin MOVES app is the cornerstone of how we can help you track your activity, interact with the amazing Technogym equipment and stay in touch with the Deakin Active training staff.

We want to help make sure you have a seamless transition into using the app so we have put together a simple list of steps to get you from signing up to being able to use the app to achieve your goals.

  1. Sign up as member, download app and create account with guidance from CSO
  2. Enter personal details and link to facility
  3. Use App for program, record activity and MOVEs
  4. Have a look for challenges available and join!


If you are feeling motivated and want some extra help in getting active and increasing your daily MOVES, don’t be afraid to talk to the team at Deakin ACTIVE about how a membership can help you. That will also let you get more out of your Deakin MOVES app with even more support!

  1. Undergo Health Consultation, learn uses of app and set goals
  2. Body Scan and see results on app
  3. Book in for program show through
  4. Undergo Program show through, program will be added onto app
  5. Link relevant devices and trackers
  6. Check results
  7. Book in for a reassessment with trainer and update goals and program.


Remember, if at any point you are having issues, ask one of the helpful DeakinACTIVE team and they will assist in anyway they can



Download the app

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