January Challenge

January Challenge

It’s time to get MOVEing in 2022 with x2 great challenges to choose from this month. Choose to participate in either challenge or jump into both challenges and win cool prizes!

1. 15,000 MOVES Challenge
Get MOVEing to collect 15,000 MOVES for the month. Up your tally by tracking your walking and running outdoors, and get even more MOVES by attending our group fitness classes and daily workouts on the app!
– Everyone who completes 15,000 MOVES will go in the draw to win a 2-week FREE membership!

2. Kickstart Your Year Challenge
Complete 10 workouts for the month! These could be daily workouts or by attending our group fitness classes.
– Everyone who  completes 10 workouts for the month will win a FREE bodyscan!

January Challenge - Kickstart your Year Let's get MOVEing Compete against your friends Prizes to be won!

Download the DeakinMOVES app if you haven’t already, navigate to the ‘Join our challenges’ section of the homepage, and choose your challenge – or join both!