Look out Burwood – SkillAthletic Training is here!

Internationally renowned, SkillAthletic is all about improving performance. It’s time to Skill Up with the new and exciting group training and HIRT workouts built specifically around using the world famous Technogym equipment. Next level workouts and far more cost effective than our competitors!

SkillAthletic is the new training experience developed by Technogym, thanks to its long-standing experience as official supplier to the last seven Olympic Games and its collaboration with the best teams and sports champions around the world!

The method, developed by Technogym’s Scientific Research (with the help of top coaches and sports trainers), aims at improving athletic performance and offers a wide range of workouts based on the four SkillAthletic training key abilities – Power, Agility, Speed and Stamina; that can be performed at different scales of difficulty allowing people with varied levels of physical skill and ability to participate in the same training class.

There are 4 different types of classes to choose from:



Don’t Stop Me Now – Achieve total body performance through intensive circuit training.



Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable – Mental and body toughness are at stake in the most intense experience.



Don’t Lose The Pace – Give no limits to your speed with this high intensity class.



Are You Tough Enough? Harness your full power through Olympic weightlifting movements.

With small trainer focused classes, all participants wear a heart rate monitor during class to track physical expenditure and output, which helps to get the most out of each and every workout! It’s a social, interactive group setup where everyone works together and supports each other!

Class lengths vary from 20min-60min – giving you the option for a quick workout so you can get on with your day, or a longer workout if you’re after one. You don’t need to spend more time working out – just more intensity while doing so! And because the classes are high intensity based, you’ll also be burning calories for hours after your workout is finished.

Check out the class schedule at Burwood and book via the DeakinMOVES app today.

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