DeakinACTIVE Waterfront campus Group Fitness classes, including Yoga and Bootcamp, are run three times a week so students there can schedule in time to work towards being fit, healthy and active.

The Bootcamp classes are run at Steam packet gardens each and every Monday and Friday with Yoga every Wednesday at the Waterfront Campus in D2.205 (see times in the table below). In order to not interrupt the classes, it is advisable that you meet the trainer 5 minutes before the class. Also, check out the great range of other amazing Group Fitness classes available at the Waurn Ponds campus, make sure you drop in and see the team at DeakinACTIVE next time you are there.

Bootcamp is $80 per 10 pack, and Yoga is $144 per 10 pack, and don’t forget you get FREE Group Fitness classes with a Thrive Membership. Everything can be purchased by calling 5227 2711 or emailing DeakinACTIVE.

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